Auto Injury

Why You Should See Chiropractors for Auto Injuries

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, it’s wise to seek help even if you don’t think that you sustained any serious injuries. It’s quite possible that you’ve suffered hard-to-spot injuries and if they’re not addressed, you may find yourself suffering from pain even after you’ve all but forgotten about the car accident itself. Fortunately, you can work with Dr. Michael Brass, a chiropractor in East Meadow, NY, to treat auto injuries.

What Happens to Your Body During a Car Accident

The average human athlete can run about 18 miles per hour. Keep in mind, athletes often train for speed and many folks will struggle to keep up. Meanwhile, cars that are moving slowly are typically traveling at speeds in excess of 25 miles per hour. When you get into a car accident, there’s a high risk that your body will be moving faster and stopping quicker than it's built for.  The tremendous forces exerted on the body during a car accident can cause immense strain and damage to the human body.

Fortunately, safety equipment, including seatbelts and airbags, have greatly increased survival rates during accidents. Yet even the best safety measures can’t eliminate the risk of injuries. A seatbelt, for example, can restrain most of the body, but often during an accident the head and neck will whip forward at a high rate of speed. This can result in whiplash, a painful condition that could leave you bedridden for weeks.

During an accident, your spine, in particular, will be subjected to tremendous force. As a result, your spine could become misaligned. If so, your body may struggle to fully and properly heal. Months and even years after the accident, you may suffer from lingering pain because your misaligned spine will be putting strain on soft and hard tissues throughout the body. Various joints, muscles, and other parts of your body could also suffer strain and damage during an accident.

In such cases, seeing a chiropractor could help. Looking for a chiropractor in East Meadow, NY, who can treat auto injuries? Come see Dr. Brass at Comprehensive Chiropractic Care.

How Chiropractors Treat Car Injuries

Chiropractors can restore your spine and other hard and soft tissues to their proper shape and alignment. This can reduce strain on muscles and other tissues, thus providing pain relief both now and in the future. Crucially, hands-on chiropractic care aims to resolve underlying issues, whereas many pain medications simply stop pain signals from reaching the brain, meaning the injury itself persists.  Ultimately, if you want to treat car injuries, it’s crucial to go beyond covering up aches and pains.

Want to work with a chiropractor in East Meadow, NY, who treats auto injuries? Dial 516-489-2212 to reach Dr. Brass at Comprehensive Chiropractic Care.

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